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At Sahil al Bahar Tourism, we consider each ticket sale as an opportunity to provide optimized travel solution.

We are expert in industry specific travel requirements, like Seaman Fare (Marine Fare), Off-shore Fare, Health-worker Fare, Sports person Fare.  

With Customer First policy and team in High Availability mode, we  have one of the highest customer retention rate in the industry.


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Sahil al Bahar Tourism has unique business model, which gives the cost effectiveness of online travel agency and human touch of offline travel agency.

Supercharged with enthusiasm, backed by Innovative Ideas, and motivated with Success in home country, Sahil al Bahar Tourism started operations in Dubai, UAE in early 2021.

It was very challenging to invest money and efforts in worst hit industry during pandemic. Most of the big names across globe had moved or moving away, due to uncertainty about re-opening of travel industry. 

Amit V

Operations Head

Amit is 

Abubakar Salisu

Sales Head - Africa

Abubakar is

Jose Raphael

Sales Head - Americas




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Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

- Paul Brandt

Responsible Business
@ SABT, safety of employees and customer is topmost priority, hence we have heavily invested in IT infrastructure, so that need of personal visit for customer can be avoided.
High Availibility Mode
@ SABT, We ensure, that we do not miss any message or call, If for some reason, we could not receive call, then expect our call back very soon.
Customer First Policy
@ SABT, Smile on customer face is more important than anything else. It is in our DNA, that we give only the best to our customer.
The Best Price;
NO Hidden Cost
@ SABT, we help customer to take well informed buying. We do not hide anything, which may cause inconvenience or additional cost later.
Experienced & Skilled Staff
@ SABT, we have the able and empowered team. They are adequate knowledge and industry experience to serve you the best.

The travel industry is one of the largest service industries since ancient time

Englishman Thomas Cook organized the first commercial tourist trip with Leistere. Which was attended by 570 members.

In 1847, he created a tourist society, and started distributing tickets (vouchers).

DELAG, was the world’s first commercial airline. It operated a fleet of zeppelin, rigid airships in Germany.
However, KLM is the oldest running airline still operating under its original name. The airline was founded in 1919 as ‘Dutch Royal Airlines.

We know industry better