About Sahil al Bahar

Sahil al Bahar Tourism has a unique business model, which gives the cost-effectiveness of online travel agencies and the human touch of offline travel agency.

Supercharged with enthusiasm, backed by innovative ideas, and motivated with success in our home country, Sahil al Bahar Tourism started operations in Dubai, UAE in early 2021.

It was very challenging to invest money and efforts in the worst hit industry during the pandemic. Most of the big names across the  globe had moved or already  moving away, due to the uncertainty about re-opening of the  travel industry.  

But, thanks to the deep domain knowledge of our team, customer centric policies, and excellent cost optimization measures, today, Sahil al Bahar Tourism is renowned for  cheap Air Ticket across all classes including  Marine fare (Seaman fare), Off-shore fare, health worker fare etc.

Booking with Us

Confused with so much information and having a new interface every time?
Connect with us. We will not show you any meaningless promotions and confusing options. Just discuss what is relevant and which makes sense for you.

Booking Online

Risking huge penalty and stress due to typo error?

SABT customer never types anything. We do all typing for them based on their passport / ID. 

Frustrated with IVRS Menu? Tired of dialing Customer Care again and again?

Book with us and have total peace of mind. We are available 24 x 7 on chat. Just tell us what service you need.

Shocked with horrible service charges?

@ SABT, We do not charge anything for any Pre booking or post booking services. You need to pay just airline charges.