What is sahilalbahar.com?

Sahil al Bahar Tourism LLC is travel agency based in Dubai, UAE.

It was established in early 2021, by Travel Industry and management experts,

Is Sahil al Bahar Tourism LLC is real travel agency?

Yes, Sahil al Bahar Tourism LLC is real travel agency registered with Dubai Economy Department (DED) and IATA accreditation.

DED License # 932658

IATA Accreditation No. 86217154

Galileo PCC - IS6

Amadeus Office ID - 

Sabre PCC - AO8K

Where is Sahil al Bahar Tourism LLC located?

Al Quoz - 3, Dubai.

However, Due to Covid - 19 Situation, we are on Work from Home Mode.

How can I contact Sahil al Bahar Tourism LLC?

We can be contacted by all channels.

Email: info@sahilalbahar.com

Phone: +971-688 12462

Whatsapp: +971-55 8450845




What are Sahil al Bahar Tourism LLC business hours?

We are always in High Availability Mode.

Most of the time out TAT is <10 Minutes.

Who issue airline tickets, booked with Sahil al Bahar Tourism LLC?

SABT is full service travel agency, registered with IATA and all major airlines.

Hence, We are issuing tickets directly from airlines. 

But, at SABT, customer interest is always top priority, and hence, we sometime purchase tickets from the other agencies as well, if they can give better pricing. 

That is why, our pricings are always very competitive.  

Who organizes the travel arrangements on this website?

Most of the time, It is our in-house team who organized all these activities.

Sometime we may use the services from other suppliers, but rest assure, we take full responsibilities and accountability of services provided. 

How does the booking process work?

Typically, our customer inquire us for their requirements on chat on any preferred social media platform.

Our team present them with all possible options and help customer in choosing the best suitable option.

Once the customer confirms, we send them booking for their approval.

After receiving approval and payment, we issue the ticket.   


How can I pay for my booking?

  1. You can make a bank transfer to our bank account
  2. You can make cash deposit in our bank account
  3. You can also make payment by Debit / Credit card, if you want. Our team will share a payment link with your request. however, pl note that there will be an additional 3% payment gateway charges on all such transactions.

What currencies do you charge in?

Our Billing currency will be AED.

However, We are open for any currency, customer wants to pay, subjected to approval from our finance team.

How to change or cancel my booking?

Just get in touch with us by any convenient social media channel. Our team will take care for rest of the process. 

How much SABT charges for change or cancel booking?

SABT never bill for any post booking services. However, Price difference or any other cost / penalty asked by airline or tour management company has to be borne by customer

Why I am not getting my travel vouchers instantly like other Online agency?

SABT, it is our endeavour to give you the most hassle-free travel in most cost effective way. 

Your booking will be sent only after our team double check it before sharing hassle or financial loss due to any possible typo error or miscommunication.


What happens if I have an emergency during my travel?

Our business model is heavily rely on social media. Hence, just contact us on any social media, our team will be on the top of situation asap. 

What are the Special Class Tickets

Sector-specific fares from airlines are available. It is intended to facilitate the mobilization of the employees in specific sectors like 

  • Ship Crew
  • Offshore or Onshore Oil or Gas rigs and associated installations.
  • Alternative energy installations - for example wind or wave-power farms.
  • Drilling, submersible and exploratory vessels.
  • Mining
  • Healthcare industry

What is Seaman / Marine Fare Tickets

Shipping industry is backbone industry. Every year millions of seafarers are joining or reliving from their duty. In this process, they are travelling to or from their home country to vessel anchorage point. To support such mobilization, many airlines are providing special class of ticket called Seaman or Seafarers or Marine fare tickets 

Who is Eligible for Seaman / Marine Fare tickets

  • Seaman traveling on duty to/from vessel and who are in possession of a valid seaman’s book
  • Staff employed to work on a vessel, but not a registered seaman but who are added to the manifest
  • A wife/husband of a seaman traveling to/from vessel and who has been added to the ship’s manifest
  • Engineers, contractors, surveyors and superintendents traveling to/from vessel to carry out work on a vessel whether in dock or at sea
  • Persons engaged in repositioning of semi-submersible or drilling rigs under their own power.
  • Yacht delivery and superyacht crew
  • Vessels in dry dock or being built/repaired